Classic Hike Shorts

Classic Hike Shorts


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These hike shorts have been designed with inbuilt 265mm batten pads and ‘diamond’ neoprene to give both support and protection with longevity.

The knee section of this garment has now been redesigned to give better protection to the knee with a built in knee pad coupled and stretchy material behind the knee to allow for a good fit on all leg sizes.  

They are also cut to have a good grip below the knee to not move or slip while hiking. This means that the bottom of each leg needs to be individually pulled up over your calf muscles.

Non stretchy back panel now gives extra back support when the braces are crossed at the front. Pair them with Rooster Wear Protection Shorts to give you the right amount of grip and slip and prevent wear of the batten pockets from an abrasive deck.



We recommend hand washing in warm soapy water and allowing to air dry.