Hiking Pads


Sold as a pair

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Rooster Pro Hike Pads are uniquely stiff and pre-shaped to enable you to hike longer and harder. The pads attach with Velcro to the inner lining of whichever hikers you choose for the day, enabling them to be placed firmly where you need the support, without the complication of unnecessary pad pockets or straps.

The hard shell core of the pads allow the sailor to experience pain free hiking with reduced fatigue, but more importantly they keep the body higher off the gunwhale than regular hike pads, so you can sail the boat flatter and faster.

Rooster Hiking Pads are suitable for fitting into Rooster Race Skin Shorts, Rooster Pro Hiking Shorts, ThermaFlex and SuperTherm Long-Johns.

Rooster Classic Hike Shorts have inbuilt pads.



We recommend hand washing in warm soapy water and allowing to air dry.



Please use the following guide to help you choose the correct Pad size.
As a guide, the pad should be as long as possible, however, take care to ensure that the chosen length will not impact either the back of the knee joint or the Glutes.