Polilite 6mm (YELLOW)

Polilite 6mm (YELLOW)





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Rooster Polilite Rope

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Polilite is designed and produced by Rooster Ropes. Polilite 6mm was used by the winner of all three medals at the Olympics in the Laser® Class.

The 7mm brother has also won the Solo World Championships, Enterprise World Championships and Laser® Europeans and World Championships.

Polilite was designed specifically to prevent kinks and twists. In other ropes, the outer jacket rotates around the inner core causing tangles as the core tightens under load and the less loaded cover shifts around it. Polilite virtually eliminates this problem – a tightly woven polyester cover takes the entire load and the lower tech polypropylene core is held fast, preventing twists.

Polilite must be fully washed to remove all lubricating detergents used in manufacturing the tightly woven cover. (Machine-washing in a mesh bag is best.)

Polilite requires a bit more care than other line, so make sure all of the coils and kinks are out of the rope before you dead end it and inspect the outer core for wear.

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